Mixdown Masterclass w/ T-Power: Top 10 Mixdown Mistakes



We are thrilled to host world renowned electronic music pioneer T-POWER, for this Mixdown Masterclass. He'll be going through the top 10 mixdown mistakes he sees in his work as a mastering engineer, and dispelling common audio myths.

Bring a song of your own to have reviewed, and receive feedback from Marc during the workshop.

Reserve your seat --> http://bit.ly/T-PowerMIXDOWN


• Poor Tonal Balance
• Scooped Mids Frequencies
• Overdriven Drums & Lost Transients
• Distorted High Field
• Stereo Issues
• Vocal Presence & Tone
• Poor Vocal Control
• Over compression
• Aliasing
• Proper Headroom

Time and Tickets----------------

Date & Time: Sunday, June 2nd: from 2-5pm
Price: $60
Sign up Link--> http://bit.ly/T-PowerMIXDOWN

Your Instructor----------------

r: https://www.facebook.com/tpower69/
RM Mastering: https://www.facebook.com/rm.mastering/
Listen to songs Mastered by T-Power: https://spoti.fi/2Hn1Nw0