Financial Prosperity for Music Producers with Steve Roland


Money. Something many people struggle with, especially artists.

We are extremely excited to be hosting Steve Roland of Black Octopus Sound for this life changing workshop on money management, business skills, and success psychology in the music industry.

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Should a young child learn to tie their shoe from another young child who is still struggling? Or should they learn from an adult who is an expert?

Moral of the story: Always learn from someone is an expert. Success is a learnable skill and one of the keys of success is to learn from successful people.

This is the right workshop for you if:

-You are a musician, music producer, or artist looking to strategically monetize your craft

-You are willing to expand, grow, and transform yourself into a more powerful human being

-You struggle with money anxiety, live pay cheque to pay cheque, or constantly have to borrow money

-You are ready to heal your unhealthy beliefs, habits, and behaviors around money

-You struggle with managing your self employment taxes or would like to create a tax management system that works

-You see the value in how money can help you be more generous and give your gifts to the world at a higher a level

-You understand that money doesn't equal happiness, but having no money can equal immense struggle (and you've had enough of struggling)

-You are ready to THRIVE financially while making a difference in peoples lives

If you are a music producer and struggle with money, this workshop will be LIFE CHANGING. I invite you to take big action to sharpen, enhance, and refine your relationship to money.

Date: Saturday, July 20, 2019
Time: 1pm to 5pm
Cost: $35
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