Free Chiptune Workshop: Gameboys & Trackers with BOOSH Feb 23

We're very excited to host this FREE workshop with Brett Klein aka BOOSH and members of Alberta Chip, Slowscan & Pegmode, giving us an Introduction to Chiptunes and writing music with Trackers


This class will cover the use of old game and computer systems to make music, namely the Nintendo Gameboy. This workshop will cover everything LSDJ, a program that effectively turns a Gameboy in to a synthesizer/sequencer. In this program we will cover the tracker style interface, creating instruments, plotting notes, commands, command table, loading samples, track management, limitations, and capabilities.

This course is designed to have you comfortable making music on LSDJ and have enough understanding of trackers to be capable of making music on other consoles.

Time and Tickets----------------

Date & Time: Saturday Feb 23rd 2-4pm
Price: FREE (But space is limited so register now!)
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Your Instructors-----------

BOOSH has been creating music on dated hardware since 2007 and has been actively playing and releasing music since 2010. BOOSH is in the process of recording and releasing their own and other chip artist's music under a new label named AB Chip.

SlowScan has been redefining the extent of LSDJ capabilities since 2014 with their use of the WAV channel's sampling capabilities. Being the founder of Chiptune Alberta, SlowScan is a rock in the community.

Pegmode has been masterfully creating music for the Commodore 64, NES, Sega Genesis, and Gameboy 2013. Pegmode's use of programming, tracker manipulation,
and complex synthesis tactics make him an extraordinary chip artist.

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