June 24 - Music Marketing Magic with Thomas Anthony

Market Your Music Edmonton

We are thrilled to host Thomas Anothony of Peep This as he gives us an in depth breakdown on how to market your music properly.


In this day and age, it can be tough to get your music to your listeners. There's thousands of songs uploaded daily to a multitude of listening platforms, so how do you set your music apart from the rest and engage listeners who will hopefully become your fans?

Tom is going to show us the magic behind the curtains, and breakdown his entire process of how to release and promote your music, keeping up with your social media presence, other primary methods of music promotion, and specific marketing tools you can implement on your next release!



-Why marketing is important
-Mental Marketing Framework
-What marketing is not

•Understanding Your Product
-The Greatest Marketing Tool
-Giving Value vs. Receiving Value
-What is your product

Types of Marketing:
-Social Media Marketing
-Email Marketing
-Influencer Marketing
-Event Marketing
-1 to 1 Marketing
-Collaborative Marketing
-DJ Promo

Understanding Your Goals
-What is your objective?

-Fan Acquisition/Lead Generation
-The Product – The complete package
-Where are people listening to music?
-Who is your audience?
-Blogs, YouTube Channels, Soundcloud Reposts, Spotify Playlists, Influencer
-Fan Conversion/Lead Conversion
-Emotional Marketing
-Social Media:
-Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube
-Fan/Lead Retention
-Music Products

Time and Tickets----------------

Date & Time: June 24th 2-5pm
Price: $30