April 8th - Tangled Wires: FREE Modular Synthesis Workshop

Modular Synthesis in Edmonton

We're very excited to host local legend Phatcat for this FREE Sunday afternoon workshop where he'll be unraveling the mystery behind Modular Synthesis.

Reserve your seat --> http://bit.ly/2IFui6V


The Modular Synth is an instrument of myth and legend, fantastic yet unruly. As the blueprint technology that kickstarted the creation of music electronically it is an instrument that allows endless possibility but for many users and musicians is one that is the source of much confusion and frustration. The inherent inability to save, recall, or remake the sounds created by the Modular Synth allows a freedom of possibility that tends to create a fierce bond between artist and instrument.

Starting his own journey with modular synths several years ago, Dean experienced first hand that working with these instruments requires a totally different approach to creation and will share his passion for the format by guiding attendees through an introductory understanding of what a Modular Synthesizer is, how it works, how to go about building or creating one, how to create sound/music with it, and what heights can be achieved with a thorough grasp of the technology. Sound design and writing music with VST's and DAWS is one thing, but working with a Modular is another thing entirely! In this workshop, students will learn about the following subjects in a relaxed and interactive environment with an opportunity to get hands-on with the technology.


  • Different modular formats/protocols
  • What is "Eurorack", and why has it become the worldwide standard for modern module manufacturers
  • Understanding CV aka Control Voltage -gates, envelopes, amplifiers, attenuators and more
  • Common modules popular modules and their functions -how to plan a new modular system from the ground up -understanding power draw and case requirements
  • Digital vs analog with respect to modular -patching common sounds -patching complex sounds and modulation -songwriting and recording with modular synths
  • Controlling a modular synth with external devices, samplers and DAW's -building your own modules with open source designs

Time and Tickets----------------

Date & Time: April 8th 2-4pm
Price: FREE (But space is limited so register now!)
Sign up Link--> http://bit.ly/2IFui6V

Your Instructor----------------
Dean Phatcat: https://soundcloud.com/phatcatbass

As the founder of the Future Roots collective - Edmonton’s longest running organizer of underground jungle and bass music events - Phatcat is well known for his pioneering contributions to Edmonton's music community hosting hundreds of independent events over the last decade. Collecting vinyl from an early age kept him on the warriors path following the hardcore continuum of bass music through its emotional and technological journey. He constantly explores the changing crossfade between Footwork, Jungle, Grime, Dub, and Techno, having been invited to perform his own dubplates and releases at Shambhala, Basscoast and other countless festivals, raves, and clubs across Canada since '98. Subtle precision on the decks is the hallmark of Phatcat's sets - taking risks, exploring new sounds, and never forgetting the roots of Rave, while presenting a evolving stew of his most current studio output!

His current live pa performance combines multiple drum machines, analog samplers, synths and multiple delays to create a completely original sound rooted in 90’s jungle, acid house, dub techno, halftime D&B, uk rave, and modern 808 bass music.

He is also an award winning sound designer and composer, receiving an Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Award in 2015 for his original score to the acclaimed contemporary theatre/dance production “Bears” which charted the psychedelic animistic journey of an Canadian oil sands worker breaking the energy sector’s shackles.

Known as much for his work behind the scenes, as the director of Future Roots he has been at the forefront of the bass movement for over a decade. Including notably championing the 160/slowfast/footwork movement by hosting the first ever Canadian stop from DJ Rashad (R.I.P.), as well as Ninja Tune's Machinedrum, Sam Binga, Om Unit, Addison Groove, Sinistarr and more. Over the years he has shared the stage and hosted countless and diverse artists such as Chimpo, Kahn, Andy C, Zeds Dead, Joker, Goldie, DRS, Rusko, UZ, Noisia, Savant, Calibre, Shackleton, and many many more.

Bringing underground vibes to Edmonton for over 15 years and having just celebrated Future Roots' 10th anniversary, Phatcat is grinding nonstop in the studio towards multiple projects in 2016/2017, including another contemporary dance score, upcoming material for label Inner City Dance, and future releases for the Future Roots tape label!