April 19 - Feedback! - Share Tunes. Chat Production. Give Feedback

Feedback! - Share Tunes. Chat Production. Give Feedback

We're happy to announce our new monthly meetup for producers and music makers of ALL STYLES and ALL SKILL LEVELS to gather and share your your tunes, hear what others have been working on and give/receive constructive: Feedback! 

We have a panel of local experienced production wizards eager to share tips and tricks to help you improve all aspects of your production and music making. 

Event Format

At the beginning of the event, we will collect music from all those that are attending. Songs will be chosen in a random order.

There will be four experienced producers on a panel to give initial feedback before opening it up to the larger group for comments.

Panelists will also be interviewed on their favorite production tips and tricks.

As this is our first event, we'll see what works and what we can improve on for next time

Our Panel

This weeks panel includes:
Jake Robertz - Dunmore Park - Zeal - Flavours

Bring your newest productions, songs you're stuck on, or WIP's. Anything that you'd like to hear opinions and advice on including mixdown, song structure, sound design and overall vibe. Don't be shy! We're here to help you improve in every way regardless of your skill level.

RSVP: https://nvma.as.me/FEEDBACK


Event Guidelines

- This is not a competition, this is a safe space for all levels of producer to get honest, direct feedback on their work. 

-Pick 1 song you'd like to share. Keep the length reasonable, no 12-minute epics. Time permitting you may be able to share more, but we want everyone to get a chance. 

-Bring your song on USB, or any device with a headphone jack

-If you want feedback, you have to give feedback. This is a community building event encouraging growth. No showing off songs and immediately leaving. 

-Feedback must be constructive. We want to hear ways to improve our music, not just what you don't like. 

- Feel free to BYOB's, drinks or snacks but keep in mind we're a small space and we're here for the music! Positive vibes only!

-Please RSVP if you plan on attending

Share production techniques, favorite plugins or samples, and hopefully everyone walks away with fresh inspiration, and the drive to keep grinding out new music for next months event!