Free Sample Pack - Jake's Junkyard Drum Rack

Jake Robertz Junkyard Drum Rack

From garbage pans to lighter zips, this 64 sample drum pack has everything you need to create a unique percussion line in your track. Also included is a selection of effects for making fills and build ups. Each sample was recorded, synthesized and processed by the NVMA head instructor Jake Robertz.  

Developed for use in Ableton

Install Instructions

  1. Open Ableton.
  2. Double click “Jake’s Junkyard Drum Rack.alp.”
  3. When asked to select a destination for install, choose your Ableton Projects folder.
  4. You will now see an Ableton Project folder called “Jake’s Junkyard Drum Rack” in the location you chose.
  5. Double Click, or drag “Jake’s Junkyard Drum Rack.adg” into Ableton to load the rack.
  6. Click the disk on the top right of the instrument rack to save the preset to your user library. 
  7. Use pre-mapped macros while playing samples for some effects automation! 
  8. Have Fun! 

Need Production Advice?

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