Bass Music Production Masterclass - With Jake Robertz - March 26

We are very excited to have Jake Robertz, one of Alberta's most skilled bass music producer, teaching a masterclass on Bass music production. Join us Sunday, March 26 as Jake dives deep into sound design and sub bass.

If you want a taste of this man's production skill, take a listen to his recent album "Shed Your Skin".

Topics Covered
Started From the Bottom: Sub Bass

  •  Root Frequencies: Keeping your sub bass effective and in key
  • Sine waves, 808’s, synths & other methods: When to choose which? Are all sines created equal?
  • Alternating between multiple methods or patches in 1 song
  • Dynamics: Creating interesting movement using envelopes, LFO’s, Portemento and baseline rhythms
  • Interacting with kick, drums and other low end elements: Sidechains, EQ’ing and making low end choices.
  • Consistency, relative levels and gain staging

Bass line Sound Design:

  • Focus on using Massive, FM8, Serum and Operator

  • Starting from Scratch: Manipulating oscillators, filters and effects to find your sound

  • Signal path, FX chains and parallel processing

  • Samplers and Resampling

  • Using compression and EQ for character and control

  • Mixing your bass with Kick, Drums and Sub

  • Controlling your stereo image

  • Distortion and Saturation Techniques


Date: March 26th, 2017
Location: 11231 Jasper Ave, NW
Time: 2 - 4:30pm
Tickets: $40, $30 for current/past NVMA students

Past and present NVMA Students get $10 off ticket prices (email us at for a coupon code)

Jake Robertz, Music Producer

Your Instructor: Jake Robertz

Jake has been a core part of the Edmonton Electronic Music Scene since 2008, and is well known for his productions and DJ sets consisting of entirely original music spanning many different genres and sounds. Formerly one half of the duo Knight Riderz, Jake's touring highlights include playing the Village at Shambahla in 2011, opening for Skrillex in Reno, NV, and the Living Dead tour with Zed's Dead and Mat the Alien. Since leaving Knight Riderz in 2012, Jake Robertz has had solo releases on Future Roots Records, Really Good, Adapted, and Muti Music. He’s opened for numerous notable artists including Machinedrum, Om Unit, The Glitch Mob, Sam Binga, Kastle, UZ and 12th Planet. Jake has extensive experience using creative sound design, song writing, synthesis and mixdown techniques to help find, or fine tune your sound.