June 26 - The Mixdown - EQ, Compression, Mixing Workshop

For our third workshop, we're pleased to introduce "The Mixdown". Easily our most requested topic to date, this 4 hour event will introduce and dive deep into topics like acoustics, gain-staging, equalization, compression, and more.

What do we mean by the mixdown? Here's a few words from Adam to help introduce the concept.

"When talking about 'the mix', what we're really referring to is the perceived relationships between the individual elements of a song. How those elements are heard by the listener is extremely important and can easily make-or-break a track. How many great lyrics are hiding behind poorly mixed vocals? How many bass lines are muffled by mud and unnecessary noise in the low end? By learning the tools and techniques to manipulate these relationships we can better express ourselves as musicians and producers. In fact, doing so is critical to our success."

In short, if you're looking to take your productions to the next level, this is the workshop for you.

===Topics Covered===

Fundamentals of Frequency
Acoustics & Room Treatment
Setting Up Your Room, Speaker Placement
EQ 101
Compression 101
Prepping for Mastering

Duration: 4 hours*
*There will be a short break in the middle of the workshop.

Public: $100
NVMA Students: $80 (students, contact us at learn@nightvisionmusic.com to register)

Register here: https://nvma.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?appointmentType=1531368

===About The Instructor===
Adam Johan is a music producer and DJ currently based out of Alberta, Canada. Having spent the last few years traveling the world and honing his craft, he moved back to Edmonton in 2014 to become a part of Night Vision and propel the music scene forward in his home town. Adam is a professionally trained producer with a diverse production background. While living in London, Adam attended the internationally renowned production school Point Blank UK. After that, he moved on to Los Angeles and graduated from the equally well regarded production school Icon Collective.

In addition to his production skills, he's also an excellent teacher who's able to explain complex processes and techniques in easy-to-understand ways. You'll walk away from his classes with a deep and powerful understanding of how to produce electronic music.

Contact Adam at learn@nightvisionmusic.com