May 29 - The Tune Up - Music Theory for Electronic Music Producers

A knowledge of music theory is one of the most important tools a producer can use to create interesting, innovative dance music. Even a little knowledge goes a long way. We’ve created a special workshop for producers to tune up their theory knowledge with an in-depth overview of the core concepts.

This class is perfect for producers new to music theory or those who already know a little, but want to improve their knowledge.

===Topics Covered===
Why music theory is important
Note Nomenclature
Scales - Major/Minor
Chords - Triads, 7th Chords, 9th Chords
Voice Leading, Inversions
Midi Effects
Ableton Push
Various exercises, games, tools for practice
And more

===About The Instructor===
Adam Johan is a music producer and DJ currently based out of Alberta, Canada. Having spent the last few years traveling the world and honing his craft, he moved back to Edmonton in 2014 to become a part of Night Vision and propel the music scene forward in his home town. Adam is a professionally trained producer with a diverse production background. While living in London, Adam attended the internationally renowned production school Point Blank UK. After that, he moved on to Los Angeles and graduated from the equally well regarded production school Icon Collective.

In addition to his production skills, he's also an excellent teacher who's able to explain complex processes and techniques in easy-to-understand ways. You'll walk away from his classes with a deep and powerful understanding of how to produce electronic music.

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Length: 2h30min
Date: 12:30-3:00, May 29, 2016
Only 8 slots in the class

Price - $50 -

Current and past NVMA students - $40 (email for the link)