May 29 - Open house at the Night Vision Music Academy

Open house in Edmonton for DJs and Producers

In preparation for the start our of summer semester and the launch of our summer camps, we're very excited to welcome you to our May open house. Drop by to check out the school, meet our teachers, learn about production or DJing, and sign-up for our programs.

If you can't make that day, feel free to arrange a private meeting by emailing

Sign up for courses at

Drop by any time from 3pm to 6pm.

===Courses and Services Offered===

Electronic Music Production in Ableton Level 1
Electronic Music Production in Ableton Level 2
Beginner DJing Lessons
1-on-1 Private Production lessons
Summer Camps

We're located across the street from Joey's on Japser ave. Look for the basement suite entrance with the Night Vision sign on the door.

Basement Suite, 11231 Jasper Ave.

===Contact Us===
If you have any questions, please contact us at or 780 399 8870