Oct 26 - Mr. Bill & Black Market Armoire live performance techniques workshop


We regret to announce we have to cancel tonight’s workshop with Mr Bill and Black Market Armoire. Unfortunately, as they were driving through the mountains from Kelowna they got stuck on the highway due to a rockslide and will not arrive in time for the workshop. They will be able to make their show tomorrow at Brixx however.

We will automatically refund all tickets that have been purchased and apologize for the last minute let down — we’re equally disappointed with this turn of fate.

Keep an eye on the Night Vision Music Academy page for future workshops in the coming months. As well, be sure to check out The Alberta Electronic Music Conference in November where there will be plenty of opportunities to learn more about Ableton and live performance.

-The NVMA Team

Unveiling the tricks & secrets to running a full live-electronic show

Mr. Bill and Black Market Armoire are hitting the road for a full-on tour of North America and will be hosting a series of music performance workshops in select cities along the way. The Night Vision Music Academy is proud to host these two innovators for a special week-night master class. They will be breaking down some of the secrets of putting together a great live electronic performance and will show you how to bring your live sets to the next level. Go behind the scenes as they open up their own Ableton sessions from the tour and show you how the magic is done. 


Wednesday, October 26, 2016

6:30pm - 9:30pm

Tickets: $50 ($40 for NVMA Students)

If you're an NVMA student, email us at learn@nigthvisionmusic.com for the $10 discount.



Some of the topics of discussion will include:

  • What are your options for playing live? what's possible? what's common? what's been done?

  • Taking tracks that weren't meant to play live and setting them up in a way that can be performed and improvised on stage.

  • Playing with instrumentalists, and how to incorporate live instruments seamlessly into your performance.

  • Stemming your tunes for live performance to sound "mastered”.

  • Exploring methods for building a live set that works for YOU.

  • Safety precautions for playing live (to save embarrassment like music stopping mid-set etc)

  • Syncing audio with visual to integrate  lights and images with your performances.

  • A few thoughts on touring -  when to start with agents, mgmt, how tours are built, how all that crap works

About Mr. Bill

Bill started writing music by age 5 after being introduced to Bill Haley & The Comets and receiving a keyboard from his parents. As a teenager he acquired a guitar and joined various metal bands. He credits Metallica as one of his earliest influences, and later saw parallels between metal and electronic music.

His first exposure to electronic music occurred at 18 when a friend took him to a psytrance show (known as a doof) on a beach in NSW, Australia. At the time, he thought the CDJs were playing everything live and was amazed that someone could do so much complex production on the spot. His foray into electronic music production began shortly after when his parents bought a Macintosh computer. Starting with GarageBand, Day quickly found Ableton, which he still uses today. He received a bachelor's degree in Audio Engineering from SAE Institute, in Sydney, NSW which helped solidify his electronic production skills. Production appealed to Bill because of the frustration of having to work around other musicians in bands, a sentiment echoed by Frank Zappa.

Through the years, Bill collaborated with many artists and released dozens of remixes and singles, as well as 10 EPs. In 2013, he released The Collaborative Endeavours, a double-album consisting of collaborations with various artists over 28 tracks. His fifth album, IRL, was released in 2014, followed 9 months later by his sixth album, Settling for Mediocrity. Both were released through Section Z Records.

In 2014, Mr. Bill and Gravitas Recordings held a remix contest for his track "Cheyah." The contest received over 200 submissions, with artist Haywyre taking first place. Bill has taught at Dubspot and holds Ableton seminars. He has an ongoing project, The Art of Mr. Bill, which includes both music and video. As of July, 2015, there are three "seasons," but it will continue to grow as time goes on.

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