Testimonials from some of our past students

"If you're interested in making electronic music and you're looking for a school in which you can learn the basics of electronic music and music itself, you can stop searching. I went into NVMA with a computer and some informal music lessons. In just level 1 I was shown everything from which program to get to make music with, to what an LFO is and exactly what I can do with it. This is a school for everyone and anyone eager to learn. The curriculum is very well paced, the instructors are talented and friendly, and all of it is presented in a way that feels very natural and loose. If you love music it'll hardly feel like a school at all." - Cam
"Anyone with a passion for music or Djing should check out Night Vision Music Academy! I just completed Level 1 music production and would recommend the school without a doubt. Adam Johan was a phenomenal teacher and I cant wait for Level 2!!" - Ralph
"I looked forward to class every week. Each class was a lot of fun and I learned a lot in both level 1 & level 2 " - Dave
"Look no further if you're looking to get into music production! Night Vision (and specifically Adam Johan) have the tools and knowledge to make your producer dreams a reality. I've been writing and creating music for roughly 10 years now and I decided earlier this year to give the introductory classes to Ableton a go, and wow! This wasn't my first rodeo with production, but the amount I learned in just 3 months was astonishing. Adam is an excellent instructor, and if you plan on enrolling in some of the courses take advantage of being able to pick his brain, he's very educated and can answer almost any question! That being said, make sure Adam is tough on you, do your homework and work hard. You will definitely see progression in your work. Like anything in life, you have to put in the hard work to see results and the guys at Night Vision will definitely help you and get you on your way!" - Nik
"Attending the Night Vision Music Academy in Edmonton has really increased my confidence as a producer and my musical output has increased 10-fold since I joined up. To be able to attend this school has been a real pleasure" - Brenden