Everything you need to start making music with Ableton Live. In private, 1-on-1 lessons, we will break down the barriers of electronic music production so that you may begin your journey towards making inspired, professional sounding music.

Who Should Take These Classes?

Private lessons are a great way for students of any skill level to get hands on help with specific topics. Great for beginners trying to learn the basics who can’t find the time for the group classes, or advanced professional users looking for help on mixing, mastering, recording or engineering.

Example Topics

  • Introduction to Ableton: functions, layout, and tools

  • Rhythm & Counting, Song Structure, Song Arrangement

  • Drums Rack and Drum Programming

  • Music Theory: Notes & Scales, Chords, Chord Progressions

  • Synthesis & Sound Design

  • Mixing: Gain Staging, EQ, Compression

  • Arrangement View, Scenes, Clip launching and Recording

  • Adding the Human Touch: Swing & Groove, Playing In and Recording

  • Recording External Audio, Warping

  • Chords, Voice Leading, Inversions

  • Practical Sound Design

  • Return Tracks, Reverb & Delay

  • Sampling

  • Organization, Preparing for Mastering

  • Assistance mixing down your song in a treated studio environment 

  • Advice on how to finish a song

  • Creating a Sound from a Reference Song

  • Diving deep into any VST plugin 

  • Advice on Building a Home Studio

  • Recording and editing vocals

  • Using Ableton for Live Performance

  • Ableton Push Tutorial

  • And any topic you can think of!

Contact our instructor at or call 587-784-0781 to learn more about our lessons!

Contact our instructor at or call 587-784-0781 to learn more about our lessons!

What do you require?

For class, we recommend a laptop with Ableton (not required) or note taking device of some sort. We provide a workstation, speakers, and midi controllers to use in the lessons.

We teach our lessons on Ableton Live, so we encourage all our students to purchase a copy of that program. Students are eligible for a 40% discount on Ableton through our school!

If you have any additional questions or wish to contact your instructor, Jake Robertz at 587-784-0781 or email him at


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How to Book Your Private Session

  1. Choose the package you'd like

  2. Input your phone and email contact details

  3. Once you have purchased the package, we will contact you via email or phone to book your first lesson.