Feedback! A Monthly Producer Meet-Up


It's All About Helping Each Other

We started Feedback as a way for Edmonton's producer community to gather every month to share their newest productions or works-in-progress. Hosted by Jake Robertz, FEEDBACK is a safe space for producers of any skill level to learn from one another. We're here to help you improve in every way regardless of your skill level.


Event Format

Once a month, we gather at 7pm at The Night Vision Music Academy. We ask that you submit your song beforehand via the form / email below. We will then go through the songs as they were received. We ask that you introduce your song to the community, and anything specific you'd like feedback or advice on. After listening, everyone will be able to give their constructive critisism. We will be capping the event at 20 songs in the interest of time. 

Location: The Night Vision Music Academy

11231 Jasper Ave, Edmonton Alberta. Located in the basement of the building, entrance next to the nail salon and tattoo shop. There is free parking on the street and surrounding area.

Event Guidelines

  • This is not a competition, this is a safe space for all levels of producer to get honest, direct feedback on their work. We welcome people from all backgrounds, genders, and skill levels.

  • Pick 1 song you'd like to share. If it's a longer song, try to trim it to 4 min tops. Skip any long intros/outros.

  • Feedback must be constructive. We want to hear ways to improve our music, not just what you don't like.

  • Feel free to BYOB's, drinks or snacks but keep in mind we're a small space and we're here for the music! Positive vibes only!

  • You are welcome to come just to listen or give feedback even if you don't have a song to share

  • Share production techniques, favourite plugins or samples, and hopefully everyone walks away with fresh inspiration, and the drive to keep grinding out new music for next months event!

One of our Spring Meet-Ups

One of our Spring Meet-Ups

Submissions to Feedback

In order to get you song played at a Feedback event, you must submit it before the event. As we only take 20 submissions each month, we work on a first-come-first-serve policy.  We ask that you submit a download link to a song, and that you limit it in length to 3-4 minutes. You can tell us to start the song a certain place if you don't have a short edit of your song.

Please use the form below to submit your song. If you have trouble with it, please email before the event.

Name *
Current Date
Current Date
Dropbox or Google Drive links are easiest for us. We accept MP3, WAV, and AIFF files.
Feedback: Monthly Producer Meet-Up