DJ Lessons & Mentorship

Want to learn how to DJ? Need an experienced DJ to help master an advanced skill? Check out our lesson options at our Jasper Ave, Edmonton studio. Contact us at or at or 780 245 0843

Learn core skills needed to become a DJ. We'll show you the ins and outs of industry standard DJ gear and help you develop the skills to use it. If you've ever wanted to learn how to DJ, our downtown Edmonton studio is the perfect place to learn!

  • Each lesson is 60-minutes long

  • Lessons are taught 1-on-1 by experienced professional DJs

  • Lessons are taught on industry standard DJ gear (2x Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus' and a Pioneer DJM 900 Nexus Mixer). We provide all gear needed!

  • If you have a DJ controller, we are happy to teach you on that

  • No experience is necessary

We teach lessons on all platforms: CDJS, DJ controllers, Turntables, Serato, Rekordbox, Traktor

We teach lessons on all platforms: CDJS, DJ controllers, Turntables, Serato, Rekordbox, Traktor

What Other Students Are Saying

"The lessons were really fun and I felt like were jam packed with information. By the end of the 8 lessons, I felt so much more confident than I did before the lessons. " - Kate Via Email



"Awesome school, enjoyed every bit of it, my instructor took his time to teach me everything I needed to know and the tools I need to become a DJ. Thank you Andrew." - Israel Via Yelp

"David is very patient and encouraging and also very accommodating with our time. It took us a while to figure out what our son wanted to do musically and when we stumbled upon Night Vision Academy, it was perfect" - Anne Via Facebook

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Meet the DJ Instructors

David Luca

David Luca.jpg

David is one half of the DJ duo Joluca, Audio S, and has been DJing across Alberta for the past 8 years with extensive experience playing a wide range of shows, from festivals to clubs. His festival credits include Bass Coast, Astral Havest, Burning Man and Zion Noiz and he has opened for world class DJs such as DJ Shadow, Kaytranada, Justin Martin, Bonobo, and more.

Andrew W / Dunmore Park


Andrew DJs under two aliases: NVS and Dunmore Park. With over a decade of DJ experience, Andrew has been engrossed in DJ culture for quite some time. He has a wide range of experience playing a variety of genres and has opened for DJs like Justin Martin, Kastle, Sabo, Ryan Wells, Max Ulis, Bonobo, Christian Martin, Neighbour and many more.

Sample Topics Covered

  • Introduction to DJing - the equipment, the terms, and how to get started

  • Buying DJ Gear - what to look for and what to buy

  • Basic music theory: tempo, timing, and song structure

  • Beat-matching

  • Setting up your gear, speakers, and DJ set-up

  • Using the headphones, cueing songs

  • How to use effects and when

  • How to use EQs effectively

  • Advanced Mixing techniques such as acapellas, blends, cuts, tempo changes and more

  • Library and File Management

  • Where to find music, how to find high quality files.

  • What is melodic mixing and how can it elevate your sets

  • And much more

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